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Dry-It Description

Why use a screen drying cabinet?

Using a screen drying cabinet improves your screen quality and reduces your overall labor costs. In open air, dust and other foreign matter settle in the screens. This creates flaws in the exposure process. A.W.T.'s Dry-ItTM Screen Drying Cabinet eliminates dust problems and helps decrease labor and blockout costs caused by the need to touch up and fill pinholes. This unit frees up an employee's time, provides the required even heat distribution and the perfect temperature for quickly drying screens.

A.W.T.'s Dry-It Screen Drying Cabinet is a fully enclosed unit. The well-insulated chamber helps reduce energy costs. Filtered, heated, clean air runs through the cabinet gently, from one side to the other, evenly over and around the screens. The heated, moisture-filled air is then forced out. No moisture is recycled back into the unit. The screens are dried quickly, evenly and dust-free.

Ten maximum size shelves are standard, along with heavy-duty casters for easy mobility. When the door is closed on these units, they heat up to the required temperature very quickly. Operating costs and power consumption are reduced. All units have complete temperature controls with a standard temperature of up to 120°F ( 49°C ). Higher Temperatures Optional.

All ten shelves are adjustable for use with different size screens. A.W.T. can also provide optional sliding shelves for use with small screens or extra sliding brackets.

The Dry-It Screen Drying Cabinet has been built for easy servicing as well. Easy access to filters and heating elements for cleaning and servicing reduces maintenance time.